Nutrition and Early Development

In the first few years of life, especially from pregnancy to the age of three, babies need nutrition, protection and stimulation to promote brain development. The latest research in the field of neuroscience provides new evidence for children’s brain development during this period. The Harvard University Child Development Center’s research shows that in the first few years of life, children’s brains develop at an alarming rate and can establish more than 1 million neuronal connections per second, a rate that cannot be reproduced at any subsequent stage.

Facts of Growth

  • More than 80% of the brain function is formed before the child is three years old.
  • 15 minutes of play can establish thousands of neuron connections in the child’s brain.
  • Up to 75% of the nutrition in each meal will act to promote the child’s brain development .

BCD Service

Nutrition is very important for the early development of children. BCD Experts of Gastroenterology will provide parents with professional and detailed consultation services.